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In the lead up to Beyond Festival a series of smaller events, also known as “Pop Up Events” or “Gatherings”, are held in various locations to provide a taste of what Beyond Festival is all about. If there is an up and coming Gathering near you why not come along and find out more!

The Gathering Northern Sydney Tickets

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Only 120 tickets available for each pop up event.

Join us as we explore “The Art of A Gentle Revolution”.

NORTHERN SYDNEY – October 27, 6.30 pm $22

Speaker: Andrew Palmer.

Featuring “St Joan” .

St Joan’s refreshing and honest lyrics force a long awaited breath as their raw passionate vocals dig deep towards your heart and soul.

St Joan crafts music that navigates the contours of the listeners heart, their pains, trials and joys. Based in Sydney the band (Daniel Tomalaris, Alasdair Belling and Chris Paine) began writing together in 2014 forming their unique sound as they performed throughout their cities venues and bars.

It wasn’t until April 2017 that the trio united under a common name St Joan in order to flag a new season of their career and a new colour to their music. We want to give an anthem to life’s shades and colours. We want to put melody and word to indescribable loss and unimaginable joy…

The Gathering - Northern Sydney Flyer