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Cameron Semmens

Cameron Semmens

Cameron is a Melbourne-based, award-winning poet and performer, with 15 books and 4 CDs of his poetry published to date. He makes his living through words: running workshops, writing books and performing live throughout Australia. Cameron is a ‘Vision Artist’ with World Vision Australia. He lives in the Dandenong Ranges with his 2 young children.

Hugh Clark

Hugh Clark

Hugh is a documentary film maker, who started using poetry in his process to make his films more poetic and now tries to make his poems more filmic.

He also uses poetry to sort through the big challenges and questions in his life.

Hugh is constantly surprised by the redemptive spirit of poetry enabling the broken and sour bits of life to season understanding, empathy and growth.

Spreading The Gentle Revolution

I’m so stoked and humbled to see the groundswell of people who have decided to take a stand and kickstart the Gentle Revolution since the last email I sent you. A big thank you to everyone!

It is integral to our influence to have a crowd of individuals who are interconnected and involved in funding the future of Beyond Festival. The Gentle Revolutionaries are the ones who give this movement of Justice, Peace and Mission the wings needed for take-off!

In the next 2 weeks we need another 200 of your friends to come alongside you as Gentle Revolutionaries.

I’ve recorded the video below to explain how easy it is to join (and I’m finally able to release some of the artists, bands and speakers who will be involved but there are still more to come, – as referenced in the video). Get your Early Bird tickets and join the Gentle Revolution at the same time.

We cannot wait to get to Kangaroo Valley and bring the community together with incredible speakers, storytellers, poets, educators, musicians, artists, and attendees.

We welcome you back for Beyond Festival 2018, together we can change our nation, and our world for years to come, starting with the best festival ever.

It’s a revolution. A Gentle Revolution.

Andrew & The Beyond Team


Backed by an incredible band, jazz, soul and exquisite pop are the hallmarks of Liesel’s shows.

Hugh Wilson

Hugh’s technical mastery has made him one of Australia’s most in demand session vocalists, musicians and producers. Astonishing range, power and presence. After living in the US for the past 20 years, we are stoked to have Hugh at the 2018 festival.

Café of the Gate of Salvation

Café of the Gate of Salvation is Sydney’s premier a cappella gospel choir. Inspired by the footstompin’, soulful music of the African-American vocal tradition, we sing because we love to and we share our voices, to foster inclusiveness, compassion & joy

Van Sereno

Van Sereno is adamant to make music that means something, songs that have a strong message with a catchy chorus. His music can be best described as a fusion of acoustic indie urban roots with a funky, mainstream pop sensibility, a kind of storytelling with a groove.

Van likes to be known as songwriter first and foremost. He’s worked as session guitarist and vocalist on numerous projects, both covers and originals.

Speak Up & Stand Up for Women

Please be aware that some of the content below is disturbing. 

These past two months have been a horrible reminder of how far we have to go in Australia in creating a society where women and men live with equality, dignity, safety and opportunity.

It’s a time when we would like to see and hear our politicians providing the kind of lead worthy of their civic status, and to be fair, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have publicly and repeatedly condemned the violence and supported efforts to raise the issue.

And then we have Liberal Democratic Senator, David Leyonhjelm.

Senator Leyonhjelm abused Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in parliament because she believes that men need to learn to curb their behaviour, rather than women having to arm themselves to the teeth to defend their right to not be the victims of violence. Leyonhjelm justified his verbal attack based on the completely false assertion that Hanson-Young declared “all men are rapists”.

Sure, they are at both ends of the political spectrum with vastly different views of how society should operate, and so disagreement is no surprise.

But here’s the thing: a cursory glance at the news over the past 60 days reveals the following:

Cecilia Haddad murdered and dumped in Lane Cove River. Her boyfriend has fled to Brazil (late April).

• Qi Yu murdered by her 19 year-old male housemate (early June).

• Eurydice Dixon raped and murdered by 19 year-old man, Jaymes Todd (June 12).

• Three days after her death, her memorial was vandalised with a picture of a penis by 31 year-old Andrew Nolch, who told the police he was “railing against feminism” (June 15)

• Two days later, nearby, a woman was dragged into a car and raped by two men, aged 23 and 26 (June 17).

• 11 year-old Newcastle girl abducted and repeatedly raped by a 47 year-old man (June 13).

• 16 year-old Larissa Beilby murdered and stuffed into a barrel. 34 year-old Zlatko Sikorsky has been charged with her murder, and the attempted murder of another woman three weeks earlier (June 27).

• Father of two John Edwards executes his children, then suicides. His estranged wife finds the children, huddled together, in her home. According to initial police reports, the children and their mother had been terrorised by the father / husband and the murders were thoroughly planned (July 5).

In Australia, we have a MASSIVE problem, and it’s not just the shocking violence that makes the news. It’s the attitude that men like David Leyonhjelm continue to propagate: that it is okay to abuse women verbally; that sexist comments and sexist jokes are “just words”; that catcalling and wolf whistling and generally objectifying women’s bodies is a kind of compliment; that porn is a victimless industry; that women who work in the sex trade ‘get what they deserve’; that women shouldn’t walk alone; that men can’t control their urges and that women ‘lead them on’.

And I could go on.

Leyonhjelm’s comments – and position – are a giant “up yours” to Australians generally and women particularly.

It’s *these* attitudes that end up with rapes and murders. It’s the sense of entitlement that leads to rapes and murders. It’s the sense that boundaries are actually a form of feminist oppression and persecution that leads to rapes and murders.

The rapes and the murders START with the attitude.

Women: I am so sorry that you feel unsafe and that men have overwhelmingly been responsible for the violence that causes you to feel this way.

I am so sorry that I have tolerated the subtle violence of sexist rhetoric or have said nothing when the jokes or wolf whistles were made in my presence.

I promise that I’ll speak up and speak out.

As a man I want to be led by you, to work with you, and to champion the change alongside you so that we have the chance to become the kind of country where we all live freely and safely.

I am really proud that Beyond Festival this year is focusing on ending gender-based violence. I am proud to be part of this #gentlerevolution

Andrew Palmer
Beyond Festival – The Gentle Revolution

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